... consulting engineer

Dipl. Ing. (tu) Ing.
Wieland Belka

member of
Brandenburgian chamber for engineers and
chamber for engineers of Thuringia...

admitted engineer by authorities

representative for building owners...

your reliable partner for

... consulting, planning and

... project controlling

... advisory opinions

specialists' know how...

special building materials and
technologies for technical
radiation protection

building and arranging
for a radioonkology

software services...

digitalization / vectorization of
layouts of all kind

equalising / geo-referencing of
digital layouts

Are you able to print out only your results by your software??

Do you have no access on licence information of your software, i.e. in order to change your automatic generated office address after moving??

Have you forgotten your password to an office file, a pdf file or an archive?

=> We're making possible,
entirely independent
of your software,
any modifications
resp. solutions
integrally to
your wishes!